Terms of Use

Welcome to Fakka Online!

Thanks for signing up to use our services and products (which shall be referred to as “Services”). The Terms of Use and Service (preferably called “Terms”) are a description of the Fakka rules of use, which stand as a legal contract between you and Fakka. Signing up to use any of our Services implies agreement with the Terms. If you do not agree with any of our Terms, please do not use our Services.

1. Who May Use Fakka?

You must be at least 16 years old to use the website and any of our Services. Fakka also maintains the social media age limitation in your home country.
Fakka Online complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Acts arround the world. Fakka Online does not solicit and does not accept personally identifying information from any person under 16 years of age. Visitors to this site who are under 16 years of age should not use this site except under the supervision and with the assistance of their parent or legal guardian, and should never submit any personally identifying information to the site. For example, visitors under 16 years of age should not make donations or take any actions on or through this site.

2. Your Rights To Use Our Services

Fakka grants you a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, non-sublicensable license to access and use the Services for non-commercial use or internal business use. You own or control all your non-commercial use or internal business use; and must use the Services solely within Fakka Terms.
You must not sell, rent, lease, distribute, assign, copy, modify or host any of our Services. You must not adapt, alter, merge, make derivative works of, disassemble, decompile, reverse compile, attempt to find the source code or reverse engineer any part of the Services, except Fakka grants you explicit permission to do so.
For the “Marketplace” feature in our Services, we are not accountable for conflicts between seller and buyer. We do not settle disputes between buyer and seller. Using the marketplace is totally at own risk, we do not stand as an escrow between buyer and seller. Therefore, keep your details securely – your password, username, emails, and other delicate information, and User Content.

3. Rights You Give Us.

Some of our Services allow you to create a profile page, upload avatar, and cover image, and use our messenger and timeline for free. You will also be allowed to upload and share pictures and videos in chat sections, on the timeline and upload status for free. Once you do that, you automatically give us a legal license to take your contents and use in compliance with the Privacy Policy, for the benefit of Fakka.

We own the right to review, and delete your content at any time without notice if we think it may violate any of the Terms. We own the right to deny our Services to anybody at any time without prior notice, and without giving any explanations. You are responsible for the content that you share when using our Services, as well as the backup of that content.
Fakka, it's affiliates, and third parties may place advertisements on the Services.

4. Copyright

We do not support copyright infringement and intellectual property theft. Copyright owners can request the removal of any infringing materials. We will terminate, in appropriate circumstances, users of our Services who are repeat infringers of copyrights, and intellectual property rights. If you believe that one of the users using Fakka unlawfully infringes on copyright rules, and want to take down the material, please send a message to our copyright agent providing evidence of infringement.
Do note that if there are any misrepresentations in the written notification of the complainer, the complaining party is automatically subjected to liability for the damages, costs and attorney’s fees incurred by us in the process of verifying and executing the written notification and allegation of copyright infringement.
If there are any issues whatsoever, we can be reached via fakka.online@gmail.com.
We cannot be held accountable for copyrighted materials that are uploaded to and shared on the website. We do not have direct control of what users upload; we can only take action after upload and notice of copyright infringement, that is when we get an email(s) from a complainer(s), with the designated URL. Upon verification after receiving a message of the allegation that one of our users violated copyright infringement laws, and it is the case, the material will be deleted within few business days.
All images, texts, and videos are protected by EU copyright standards and can not be used without our permission.

5. General Rules

Fakka Online is NOT a platform for all ideas!!
• Pornographic content is illegal to upload and can result in a permanent ban of the user.
• It is illegal to upload copyrighted content without getting the consent of the rightful owner.
• We do not support racial, hateful or other forms of misconducts on the website. Violations can lead to permanent ban.

Last edit: 18-01-2018